Our chocolate is the occasion

On February 18, 2019, Stuart M wrote:

My wife loved the chocolates for Valentine’s Day, and they didn’t last long! I tried a bunch and can’t really pick a favorite because they were all so good!


On Nov 28, 2018, Sherry C wrote:

My first introduction to these chocolates happened by chance.  My husband had a business trip to Boston on Valentine’s Day and Whim’s provided a sampler bag with several of their chocolates for each hotel guest. He brought the chocolates home to TN where I got to try them.  (A great husband!). I loved the experience of trying each variety - the flavor combinations are deliciously imaginative and so well crafted. My husband racked up some serious brownie points that day and I can honestly say, in my 56 years, these chocolates are the most memorable yet. The white chocolate with rose and pistachio is unforgettable.


On Jul 14, 2017, Jennifer T said:

"It's hide in the closet and eat it by yourself chocolate!"


On Jan 6, 2017, Claire McM wrote:

Hello Inge,

I love chocolate. At the holidays, everyone--family, friends, patients--gives me chocolate. This year I heard the same phrase over and over: "This is supposed to be the best chocolate". I received Belgian chocolate, German Chocolate, Chocolate from the Pennsylvania Amish, Hawaiian chocolate, chocolate from all over the country. And I received yours, with the same catch-phrase "this is supposed to be the best". And you know what? It IS. Incredible job. Your chocolate is out of this world--the consistency, the flavors. It is PERFECT chocolate. I have to take a little time out from sampling my afternoon piece to tell you that!

Good luck with your company!

Claire McM