Our chocolate is the occasion
  • Blooming Marvelous Stack

    This item is out of stock

    white chocolate with rose, safflower, and pistachio

    milk chocolate with lavender and blueberry

    dark chocolate with jasmine and plum

    milk chocolate with candied violet

    white chocolate with lemon verbena and custard

    dark chocolate with hibiscus and raspberry

    milk chocolate with chamomile and honey

    dark chocolate with sarsaparilla, cherry, and almond

    Now that the warm weather has arrived, Whim Chocolate will temporarily stop our chocolate shipments. You can still find us at the stores listed on our “Where To Buy” page, and, if you’re local, please send us an e-mail at orders@whimchocolate.com to arrange for hand delivery. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to resuming our chocolate shipments in the fall.